Cháletto Vegan Ice Tea

Why this stylescape is the right choice for Cháletto the vegan tea brand?
It was important that the brand radiates naturalness and sustainability, but still appears casual. To achieve this, we use a lot of wood and recycled materials for the concept. In order to take into account the brand values in the take away offering, the material for the cups and straws is biodegradable. To convey youth and freshness, we have chosen a pastel green and white as a contrast to the many brown tones of the raw materials.

Why the overall feel of this stylescape is chaotic and full of life? 
The offer is aimed at environmentally conscious creative students of art, music and design, who are welcome to stay and network. A community creates Cháletto by offering regular drawing courses. So the regular clientele can use the space creatively and connect their work via social media with #Cháletto. Thus, the brand story is steadily developed and enriched.